Thursday, May 3, 2012

The economic condition of the country

Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner have horrible forecasting records. Anyone forecasting, leaves himself open for a certain amount of embarrassment. Yet these people persist in pretending that they are capable of managing the economic condition of the country. That is truly scary!
Now we have the latest bit of evidence of  their prowess. Look at this statement (one of many in a detailed report) made by Frederick Mishkin when he was on the Federal Reserve Board: “… they clearly illustrate that Iceland is a well run, advanced Nordic country that has little in common with emerging market countries, a fact important to recognize when we start discussing financial stability in the next section.” Shortly thereafter, Iceland inconveniently and totally collapsed into financial rubble.
Perhaps it isn’t Bernanke; perhaps it is his aides that are so wrong. Actually it is neither. No one can accurately forecast such things. That they are wrong is not surprising; that they have the hubris to pretend to know these things is what is amazing. Frederick Hayek’s Nobel acceptance speech entitled The Pretence of Knowledge has much to say both about the problem and professional hubris. Perhaps this speech should be required reading by all Washington economic and other policy dunderheads.

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