Saturday, March 17, 2012

Outcomes likely to happen are unimaginable

“Talk of a recovery is Orwellian in its deception.” So says Jim Willie in his lengthy piece dealing with the collapse of the US and probably the rest of the civilized world.

Mr. Willie is bold in his predictions/assertions, a style that has characterized his writing. To be sure, he is often early and sometimes exaggerated in his forecasts. Yet he is a man worth listening to because he provides early warning signals generally long before others. For those who believe I am a doomsayer, read Mr. Willie’s latest missive and prepare to consider me an optimist.

How much of this should you believe? That is difficult to say because I am not privy to all the knowledge that Mr. Willie apparently has. Those areas where I have some familiarity, I generally agree with his dire outlook. The road ahead will be unlike anything recent generations have seen. For most, outcomes likely to happen are unimaginable. To shock yourself out of complacency, read Mr. Willie.

It is up to you to decide how much of this is possible and what actions should be taken to protect yourself and family. All of it is possible, although with varying degrees of probability.

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